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Curso TOEFL Lección 10 – Preparation for the toefl test online

During the TOEFL Test Online, you will see pictures on the screen and each question. Don’t forget that note taking is allowed during the exam. The TOEFL Test Online often makes test takers apprehensive. Here we will run through what is expected from you with each question type as there are slight variations between each question: you are required to speak about something familiar to you, about a topic involving a short reading passage, about a listening and reading passage, or to even summaries a listening or reading passage.  

TOEFL Speaking Questions and Answers 3

For task 3, you must read a passage, listen to a conversation, and then record your response. All together you’ll have:

    • 45-50 seconds to read the passage


    • About 60 seconds to listen to the conversation (audio clip times vary)


    • 30 seconds to prepare your response


  • 60 seconds to speak

The reading passage for this task will typically be some sort of campus flyer or announcement that describes a campus issue or change. The audio clip will focus on two people (usually two students) talking about the campus situation and offering their opinions on it.

Your task is to summarize one speaker’s opinion on the campus situation. (Note that unlike the Independent tasks, you will not be giving your own opinion but rather explaining someone else’s opinion.)

General Strategies for toefl test online

Question 3 is an integrated question. This means you must read and/or listen to a resource before preparing and answering the question.

One additional piece of important information:

  1. In TOEFL Speaking question 3, unlike question 1 and 2, your answer MUST be objective. This means you stay within third person for the ENTIRE answer, using words like “he”, “she”, “it”, and “they”.

Note-Taking Strategies for TOEFL Speaking Question 3

    1. BEFORE you do anything else, WRITE DOWN your structure to take notes. Make sure it is already on your paper before you read the campus announcement.


  1. After the dialogue is finished, look at the computer screen and focus on the prompt. What do you have to do? On question 3, you only want to talk about one person. From your notes on the T-chart, cover up the person you are NOT talking about.

TOEFL Speaking Question 3:

    • I: Two brief points from reading


    • 1: Man: Con reason #1 -> Woman: Con reason #1


    • 2: Man: Con reason #2 -> Woman: Con reason #2


    • 3: Man: Con reason #3 -> Woman: Con reason #3


  • C: Man: Conclusion -> Woman: Conclusion

How do we develop this response?

      • First, the narrator describes the context and gives instructionsStep #1: Create the structure for your notes








      • Put reading at the topAs you listen to the narrator make your note map.

      • Under reading put man and woman

      • Since time is limited, simply number each body paragraph

University administrators announced yesterday that the sculpture program, a division of the art department, will be eliminated. “The main reason is a lack of student interest,” reported one administrator. “Although the number of art students has increased, fewer and fewer art majors are taking sculpture classes.” Furthermore, the department’s only sculpture professor is retiring this year. “Given the art department’s limited budget,” the administrator explained, “it just doesn’t make sense to hire a new full-time professor to teach sculpture for only a handful of students.”

(Narrator) Now listen to two students discussing the article.

(Male student) Is everything alright?

(Female student) Yes, I’m just a little upset about that article I showed you this afternoon …

(Male student) Why, what’s so important?

(Female student) Well, as I am majoring in art, I think it’s a great loss to the department. The university’s is mistaken on this one.

(Male student) What do you mean exactly?

(Female student) Well, the low number of people enrolling  isn’t because these classes are not appreciated. The problem is, no one has time to take them when there are so many other mandatory requirements?

(Male student) I don’t follow you.

(Female student) Well it’s like this, the classes they’re eliminating are not obligatory. The mandatory courses are almost all painting and drawing, and they leave no time for anything else. What we really need are a wider choice of requirements, then people majoring in art could have more variety in their  classes … all the things we’re interested in.

(Male student) That seems logical. But, the thing about the professor …

(Female student) Well, I suppose that’s true. But even so, they’re being a bit extreme. If money’s the route of the problem, they could hire a part-time professor! Or, most of the professors in the department have secondary fields …

(Male student) Is that so?

(Female student) Yeah! There are at least a few painting teachers who are also great sculptors. I’m sure one of them could teach a class.

The woman expresses her opinion of the university’s plan. State her opinion and explain the reasons she gives for holding that opinion.

(Preparation: 30 seconds; Response: 60 seconds)

Campus Situation

A good answer to the first integrated speaking question might follow this template…

    • The article/announcement/letter is about…


    • It states that…


    • The man disagrees/agrees with the plan/proposal.


    • He feels this way for two main reasons.


    • First of all, he states that…


  • Secondly, he notes that…

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