Teaching English In Spain

teaching English in Spain

Teaching English In Spain and gaining an accredited TEFL certificate at the same time.

English teaching jobs in Spain

Work in a language school in Spain

Welcome to Idiomas247. We are a language school in Spain  with a passion for teaching English for exam candidates and casual students. Our students will experience a total immersion in English from the first moment they enter into our Academy. We know that learning English by remembering grammar rules leads to confusion and even anger.

Teaching English In Spain and gaining an accredited TEFL

certificate at the same time.

We also believe that just being able to speak English is not the only criteria for teaching the language. That is why we will train you not only in the skills of teaching through our TEFL program but we will teach you Spanish.

 Try teaching English In Spain.

As most English people have no idea about English grammar how can they explain to Spanish people how their own language works. Up until the arrival of comprehensive schools in England, Latin was obligatory so that students could understand how English worked. English after all is a mixture of many languages and hard and fast rules without exceptions are few are and far between.

Spanish is very similar to its ancestor Latin and has a perfectly logical grammar system.

So we provide our teachers with free Spanish lessons thus making it easier not only to teach total beginners but also to help more advanced students to understand how English works.

You will also learn about exam preparation which will hold you in good stead not only in Spain but throughout the world. Exams such as the: IELTS, TOEFL, FCE, CAE, PET will be an intrinsic part of your learning program.

You will be able to teach with confidence these exams, all of which are in high demand across the world.

So if you are interested in getting an accredited TEFL certification, gaining valuable teaching experience and learning grammar through a knowledge of Spanish ,then please send your CV to us or pop round and see us.

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