Guide to ielts academic writing templates with examples 7

 Curso IELTS Lección 44 (Academic)

Preparation Course ielts academic writing templates

 Writing Task – Academic #7

Writing Lesson 7 Video:

Graph Description Writing Practice

Traditional TV Viewing, by Age (Source:

traditional tv viewing by age
This visual aid shows traditional TV viewing, weekly and by age.

Summarise the information in the ielts academic writing templates by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Essay Writing Practice

Movies and television negatively influence the way people live and behave.

Do you agree with this statement?

 Writing tip: Connectors and Linking Words

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For more success with ielts academic writing templates use Recommended Vocabulary Video: Keywords 301 to 350 out of 499

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ielts academic writing templates

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