An introduction to the IELTS speaking test 1 with examples and exercises.

Curso de IELTS Lección 20 

Preparation ielts speaking test with examples. 

Lesson 1 ielts speaking test #5

Topic: Expressing Opinion

Test format – Speaking
11–14 minutes

 Tip: 40 commonly mispronounced words in the speaking test to avoid in the ielts speaking test

Today’s exam tip is about pronunciation.  

Avoid mispronouncing these 40 commonly mispronounced words:

almond, almond

ask, ask

bowl, bowl

breakfast, breakfast

brewery, brewery

berry, berry

chaos, chaos

clothes, clothes

cocoa, cocoa

comfortable, comfortable

the desert, the desert

a dessert, a dessert

to develop, to develop

to dine, to dine

a dinner, a dinner

a draught, a draught

etc, etc.

famous, famous

infamous, infamous

fruit, fruit

high, height

joke, joke

juice, juice

kitchen, kitchen

chicken, chicken

onion, onion

picture, picture

pronounce, pronounce

pronunciation, pronunciation

queue, queue

raspberry, raspberry

receipt, receipt

recipe, recipe

regularly, regularly

salmon, salmon

sour, sour

thesaurus, thesaurus

tourist, tourist

vegetable, vegetable

wide, wide

width, width

wire, wire

yolk, yolk.

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